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Storage is available to facilitate year-round storage for snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, boats, pwcs etc.

























Storage and Seasonal Servicing

Boat Storage


Outboard Motors

ATV, SSV, Motorcycles


Trailers, RV's etc

Please Note:

Haliburton Outdoor Equipment will not accept liability exposure nor legal or financial responsibility, as a direct result to damages caused by vandalism, break & enter, act of God, fire, flood, rodent, climatic or inclement weather conditions.  Delay issues encountered by labour related or supplier shipment shortages, beyond our control.

All our indoor storage areas are electronically protected and monitored (24/7-365).

All our outdoor storage facilities are located in a gated compound, supervised and continuously checked, monitored, for unauthorized trespassing.  Maintenance of your own insurance coverage is highly recommended.

Insurance coverage mandatory.










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