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   Less Trouble

Larger Public exposure means potentially higher sales price and shorter time on the market.

Save time, money and effort.

See our Pre-owned inventory.























Consignment sales are a great way of selling equipment you no longer need (we reserve the right to limit makes, models). Consider the advantages:

  1. Much larger public exposure and less trouble for you.
  2. Complete technical explanation and assistance to prospective purchasers.
  3. For boats and PWC, we provide supervised water testing, ensuring safety to the purchaser and to your equipment. We also provide transportation to and from the water.
  4. Spend less of your time. We manage the negotiation of the sale. This can often result in better pricing for you.
  5. Complete safety inspection (if requested), full disclosure to new owners about the condition of the equipment.
  6. Preparation of sales documents as per mandatory regulations.
  7. Tax savings.

We charge 10% sales commission and expenses. Reasonable time limits apply. Convenient storage can be negotiated at expiry period if the equipment was not sold.

For a list of consignment equipment, please refer to our pre-owned inventory.






Page Last Updated: November 18, 2013